Hi, I’m Pete!

I’m a longtime graphic designer turned photographer who has spent time traveling, living and exploring places like Cuba, Central America, Turkey, Kenya and South East Asia in recent years. I got my creative start in my home state of Wisconsin designing for an agency in Milwaukee and eventually found my way to the West Coast where I worked as an apparel designer and professional burrito consumer in San Diego. Volunteering has been important to me throughout my career and I have spent time donating my photography, design or construction skills on site in Haiti, Costa Rica, Kenya and Panama most recently. I am currently an active member of the western team running the NonProfit New Beginnings which operates out of one of the World’s largest slums in Kibera, Kenya. When I am not behind a computer you can find me enjoying the outdoors with my partner in travel and life Kellie and “Uncle Rico” the 1976 Dodge travel van we rebuilt together, almost always camping, hiking, fly fishing, or doing something fun with my camera in hand.
I am currently available for commissions, collaborations, freelance projects or the right full time job and would love to hear from you or your brand.  

What's New

Kellie and I had the awesome opportunity to be featured in the Orvis brands FIRST TV spot this year. They were looking for authentic outdoor couples to represent the brand and we were thrilled to be chosen out of the incredible pool of talent they had to pick from. It was a surreal week shooting in some beautiful locations around Oregon – Kellie is an avid flyfisher (I’m not nearly as good) and has been obsessed with the brand her whole life so this was a dream come true for her and an exciting opportunity for me to overcome my fears of the spotlight. You can see the final product on Youtube below

Some of My Work